Bruno Biasin during sunset on Berici Hills

On the Berici Hills, time seems to stop while gazing out over the sun-drenched vineyards quilting their way along the gravel roads. Ten million years ago, these picturesque hills were submerged by the shallow, warm waters of the Tetide Sea.

For 50 million years the area where Cà Rovere estate is today laid on the bottom of a tropical sea, before the Earth's axis would tilt to the current inclination and the hills would emerge from the water pushed by the collision of the Tectonic plates.

The numerous marine species that inhabited the ancient reefs are now visible as fossils of algae and ammonite shells trapped in the limestone: the sea is still here, bringing briny, mineral flavours to Cà Rovere traditional method sparkling wines.

How not to fall in love with these hills?

Cà Rovere is a family business, born from the passion for a little known, yet fascinating territory.

Bruno Biasin was able to transmit his enthusiasm for viticulture and involve now the third generation of the family.

Bruno Biasin

The Biasin family for nearly thirty years has been cultivating 30 hectares of vineyards.

The work and passion for wine has involved the entire family: starting from grandfather Bruno, who fell in love with these hills and planted the first vines "among the rocks", as he likes to recall, to grandmother Giuditta, her tireless collaborator, and their sons Ugo, Sisto and Alessia - now with their families too.

The intuition that this land had a vocation for quality grapes pushed the Biasin family to bet on the classic method sparkling wine, aiming to give expression to the minerality of the soil into a fine wine with natural elegance.

Biasin Family

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