Cà Rovere sparkling wines are produced through the Metodo Classico, or traditional method, performing a second in-bottle fermentation and aging on the lees for a minimum of 36 months.
A rigorous selection of the grapes and must, the soft pressing, a skillful assemblage and a careful dosing of yeasts produce balanced and pleasant wines, featuring remarkable scents and a distinctive elegance.

Brut Blanc de Blanc

Spumante Metodo Classico Brut Blanc de Blanc Cà Rovere

Brut Rosé

Spumante metodo classico Brut Rosé Cà Rovere

Demi Sec

Spumante metodo classico Demi Sec Cà Rovere

Brut Nature

Spumante Metodo classico Brut Nature Cà Rovere

Cuvée del Fondatore Brut


Vintage 1991: the first degorgement of Cà Rovere Traditional Method was made in 1995

The Biasin family aimed at producing a type of wine still absent in the area and had the intuition that this land would be suited for a unique, high-quality sparkling wine.

20 years of research, experiments and patient waits are the bags of experience which Cà Rovere can rely on to continue its progression in a path of excellence.

Cà Rovere sparkling wines are “Millesimati”, containing only grapes from a single vintage.

Cà Rovere selects the best must from the best grapes:

  • Selection of the best vine rows (only 30% of the total wine estate)
  • Selection of the best grapes by hand harvesting only
  • Selection of the must: only the “mosto fiore” is used, that is what comes out of the most delicate grape pressing

Following the specifications of the great Italian and French sparkling wines, the pressing is carried out without de-stemming the bunches. This expedient creates channels that facilitate the outflow of the juice without the need to increase the pressure on the grapes.

Such delicate pressing draws less juice from the fruit but avoids crushing the skins and seeds, which would release unpleasant scents.

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Brut Blanc de Blanc

Brut Rosé

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