How can you not fall in love with these hills?

  • Cà Rovere is located in the small village of Alonte (Vicenza), a town of 1,600 inhabitants of ancient pre-Roman origins, immersed in the greenery of the Berici Hills.

The lush spontaneous woods alternate with the orderly geometries of the rows and dry stone walls, in a succession of unexpected landscapes and views. From the Cà Rovere terrace you can enjoy this suggestive panorama!

  • underground

    marine origin

    The subsoil of the Berici Hills, rich in limestone of marine origin, has traditionally been exploited to extract the White Stone which is still worked in the quarries of the area today.
  • This precious material was once transported by river on large rafts, and was used for centuries in the construction of the sumptuous palaces of Venice.
  • In the area, the Berica Stone is recognizable in the columns of Palladian villas, in the facades of country houses and in the churches and hermitages spread throughout these hills full of charm and still outside the mass tourist itineraries.