The sea is still alive in the vineyards and in the bubbles of the Cà Rovere Classic Method sparkling wines

The calcareous soil forces the vines to dig deeply with their roots between the stones, and ensures that the grapes absorb and bring a strong minerality into the wine.

  • Philosophy

    Reasoned viticulture

    Every winemaker knows that a great wine comes first of all from care and attention to the vineyard. Cà Rovere has chosen to cultivate without the use of chemical herbicides and with low impact agronomic practices, implementing thoughtful viticulture, oriented towards environmental sustainability and the highest quality of the product intended as an expression of the terroir.
  • Philosophy

    Low yield per hectare

    The breeding system follows the philosophy of low yield for high quality. The company is in the process of fully converting to the Guyot system, which ensures greater exposure to sunlight and air, increasing the quality of the grapes.


Lifeblood for a quality wine

The philosophy of Cà Rovere is expressed in the valorization
of native grapes and in the care of the vineyards and the territory.

Through a second fermentation in the bottle and 36 months of aging on the yeasts, the selected grapes are transformed into the vintage Cà Rovere sparkling wines.