Cà Rovere family

The Biasin family cultivates 30 hectares of vineyards

  • 40 years ago, on the Berici Hills, Bruno Biasin planted the first vine, where in prehistoric times a warm sea welcomed algae and corals.

  • Origins

    A passion that involves the entire family

    From grandfather Bruno, who fell in love with these mountains and planted the first vines "among the stones", to grandmother Giuditta, his tireless collaborator, and her children Ugo, Sisto and Alessia. Today the third generation has also joined the company, Matteo, Marco and Marcella.

Continuous research has today led the Cà Rovere winery to control the entire production chain and to define itself as a specialist in the classic method.

  • (1991 harvest)

    first disgorgement of Cà Rovere Classic Method sparkling wine

    20 years of research, experiments and patient waiting in the cellar are the wealth of experience from which Cà Rovere can draw today for continuous progression on a path of excellence.