Limited Edition Dance of Love bottle

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What it includes

Classic Method Sparkling Wine
Blanc de Blanc “Dance of Love”
 Pure Chardonnay, 2014 vintage, 108 months on the yeasts.
Packaged both individually and in packs of 6.


Limited Edition Dance of Love

Give the gift of the experience of a limited edition wine. The "Danza dell'Amore" label project was born from the collaboration between Cà Rovere and the Venetian sculptor Antonio Giancaterino. In 2013, Cà Rovere hosted an exhibition of Giancaterino's works in the cellar, statues and bas-reliefs characterized by a minimal and high-impact style. On that occasion, "The Dance of Love" (bronze, 2003) struck with its sense of balance and lightness. From these sensations was born the ideal association with the classic method sparkling wine Cà Rovere Blanc de Blanc, for its elegant balance between the soft floral sensations of pure Chardonnay and the fresh flavor of the mineral notes.

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