Box to discover the Berici Hills: 6 bottles with video tasting

perfect for

For lovers of the typical flavors of Veneto


What it includes

2 bottles of Brut Classic Method Sparkling Wine ● Chardonnay and Garganega, 2018 vintage

2 bottles of Sisto Biasin Bianco ● Pure Chardonnay, 2019 vintage

2 bottles of Sisto Biasin Rosso ● Cabernet Sauvignon vintage 2018

Video tasting with the winemakers Matteo, Marco and Marcella who talk about the 3 wines tasted ● will arrive via link as soon as the shipment is sent.


On the rolling hills, with our eyes

I Berici Hills they are not very well known, but between paths, oenological and gastronomic tradition, naturalistic and artistic richness, they represent a real gem near the city of Vicenza.

With a docile and soft shape they extend throughout the southern Vicenza area: in Alonte, our Cà Rovere vineyards are located.

The peculiarity of these hills is their origin: once upon a time there was the sea here, so much so that walking through the vineyards you can still find small fossils of shells and molluscs. The marine origin guarantees the soil excellent flavor and minerality to the vines, which grow luxuriantly. The roots manage to go very deep, transferring many territorial characteristics and peculiarities into the wine.

This box takes you to discover the Berici Hills through our eyes: the third generation of Cà Rovere with Matteo, agronomist, Marco, winemaker and Marcella, reception manager in the cellar, leads you to discover 3 wines capable of encompassing territorial nuances.