Sparkling Wine Classic Method Brut Magnum

  • Production area

    Limestone of Eocene origin. Vineyards located in the southernmost part of the Berici Hills (VI), characterized by optimal exposures and good temperature variations.

  • Breeding and harvesting

    Guyot for Chardonnay and Pergola for Garganega. Average age of the vines: 15 years. Grapes harvested by hand, mid-August Chardonnay, late August Garganega.

  • Vinification and refinement

    Whole bunch pressing. First fermentation in steel barrel, second fermentation in bottle. 48 months on the yeasts.

  • Service

    Service: Alcohol: 12% vol. Service: 6-8°

at the table


Brut is excellent as an aperitif. It goes well with fish-based appetizers, polenta crostini and creamed cod, typical Venetian cheeses and cured meats and, continuing, throughout the meal.

  • The Magnum format

    Cà Rovere Magnums are handcrafted. The cellarmen carry out the remuage on wooden stands according to the more traditional procedure of the champenoise method. The Magnum format is striking and brings joy, but also improves the quality of the wine. Compared to smaller formats, the ratio of oxygen to wine in the bottle is lower. In the classic method, in particular, a larger bottle provides a greater surface area on which the yeasts remain in contact with the wine. The fermentation proceeds more slowly, and the refinement will be longer and of higher quality. Furthermore, the greater thickness of the glass shields external light better, slowing down the oxidation processes of the wine.
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