Wine Beauty Box

Perfect for

For those who sip wine, but also use it as an ally for daily skincare


What it includes

Bottle of Brut Rosè classic method sparkling wine ● Chardonnay and Garganega, Pinot Noir vintage 2017. Sensations of berries, gooseberries, violets and mandarin, leading to hints of mentholate, toasted hazelnut and graphite. Carbonica and freshness create a dynamic drink. The hints of wild strawberry and raspberry return to the mouth, closing on a savory and almond finish. Copper color with a tendency towards antique pink. Fine and continuous perlage.

Grapey face cream ● in 50 ml glass jar.
Grapey is one Anti-aging face cream 100% Made in Italy, vegan friendly and obtained with sustainable raw materials from a certified supply chain, which exploits all the antioxidant substances present in grape pomace organic for a formulation withhigh anti-aging power suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


A 100% Wine cuddle

Give the gift of the experience of embrace all the well-being that resides in the vineyard as a whole. The elegant, balanced and very pleasant bubbles tickle the palate; the revitalizing and antioxidant cream makes the skin compact, soft and luminous. A duet with which you will impress, a pampers the palate and the skin.

On the skin and seeds of grapes there are a multitude of active ingredients useful in counteracting the signs of aging: polyphenols, resveratrol, phenolic acids and glutathione which stimulate microcirculation and protect the skin from damage caused by oxidative stress, revitalizing it and making it visibly more uniform.

The pomace from which the active ingredients are extracted at the end of winemaking is ennobled by a circular process, with a view to eco-sustainability which is also found in the recycled and recyclable packaging, in the anti-waste refill bottle and in Grapey's commitment against the waste of materials raw materials and energy.